QuezyLab is founded by Promita Chakraborty, PhD, in 2014 with a broad vision to design seamless interactive modeling and computing environments between physical manipulatives of biological systems. 


Scientist, Founder & CEO
Contact: promita _at_ quezylab _dot_ com 


Dr. Promita Chakraborty is a scientist, inventor and computer engineer who has initiated a new field called Physical Biomodeling, an unexplored space of study at the intersection of natural science, computational science and precision physical models. She founded Quezylab, a research-based-company with a vision to connect the macro-physical world to the nano-world without losing accuracy, functionality and dynamics of atomic interactions. With the help of 3D printing technology and her vision for dynamic folding macromolecules, she invented Peppytides and initiated the new field of Physical Biomodeling as a part of her doctoral work. Peppytides is a to-scale physical model of the polypeptide chain that can fold into various motifs and secondary & tertiary structures of proteins. Because of its flexibility and accurate scaling, Peppytides is a model that is first of its kind. She worked as Research Associate at the Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab (LBNL) from 2011 to 2014 and initiated Peppytide project as a pioneering work for accurate physical models for protein folding. She coined the terms Peppytides, PeppyChains, and Physical Biomodeling. She received PhD in computer science in 2014 from Department of Computer ScienceVirginia Tech, Blacksburg. Recently she has received Berkeley Lab's 2014 Director's Award for Exceptional Achievement for outreach with Peppytides and its invention. Her work has been covered in MAKE Magazine and Berkeley Science Review. She had been invited to speak at numerous national and international venues. She has exhibited at various science and STEM fairs including Maker Faire. She received MS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, USA, and BS in Mathematics from University of Calcutta, India. 

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Recent Talks by Promita:
Most recently she has given a talk at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2015 in February (San Jose, USA), and an invited talk in March in IEEE Virtual and Augmented Reality Workshop on Molecular Science (France). More here