Company Info


QuezyLab is a research-based company incorporated in July, 2015, and based at Sunnyvale, California, USA. It was first registered as LLC in Nov, 2014.

QuezyLab's focus is on 3D physical biomodels and the associated web-platform for academic community. Its first product is Peppytides.

Physical models have been rising in popularity as they play a critical role, both as educational tools and as aids to chemistry and biochemistry researchers to gain insight into protein-folding mechanisms. Protein folding is an extremely complicated topic. Physical models for protein folding can engage visuospatial thinking of biomolecules much more effectively than images and computer visualizations, through a process that can be called “tactile visualization”.


To design scaled, dynamic physical models focused around complex and unsolved scientific problems, as scientific tools imparting insight through precision and measurement.


To make these visionary physical models as accurate as possible through scale and functionality.